Here's the information from this month's meeting in case you missed it:

*** If interested in any of the topics we discussed, please email us at ***

Treasure Savannah (March 5) --
Some members expressed an interest in participating in Treasure Savannah Day of Service as a group. Unfortunately, all volunteer spots have been filled, so there are no volunteer opportunities at this time. The next scheduled Day of Service is in the fall.

Tabs for Ronald McDonald House and Rock N Roll Marathon --
Dr. Scott is still collecting tabs for Ronald McDonald House and trying to raise $1,000 for the Rock N Roll Marathon. If you have some good fundraising ideas, please contact us. Soda tabs can be deposited in the front office of the psychology department.

Twitmyer Symbol --
A few fantastic entries have been submitted as potential symbols for Twitmyer. We have extended the deadline to allow more entries. If you have an entry, please submit it to an officer, Dr. Frieder, or Dr. Wolfe.

Georgia Psychological Society Conference (April 30) --
This year's conference will be at Georgia Southern University.Registration for students is currently $20 for students, but it will increase to $30 after April 1st. For more information, visit the GPS website.

GSA Film Series --
The Gay-Straight Alliance film series has officially kicked off. One fundraising proposal has been for us to sell food at the movie night by pre-selling $5 food tickets. The dates for the movie nights will be posted at a later date.

Student Scholars Symposium (April 15) --
The Annual Student Scholars Symposium is quickly approaching, and the deadline for abstract submission is even sooner (March 25). Multiple students from Psi Chi/Twitmyer will be presenting, so the support would be much appreciated even if you are not presenting.

Flyer Design --
We are currently looking for an open ended flyer design for Twitmyer. If you have any ideas or designs, please submit them via email.

MS Walk (April 2) --
Alicia drew attention to the upcoming Multiple Sclerosis Walk that will take place April 2. She is willing to start a team if others are interested. The walk starts in the morning and makes laps around a pond at a Pooler park. There is no entry fee- you are just encouraged to raise money for MS research. If you are interested, contact Alicia:

End of the Year Barbecue --
The end of the year barbecue honors graduating seniors. There is no requirement that it must be a barbecue, but we do need fundraising ideas for whatever event we do plan. If you have any ideas, please contact us.

Psi Chi Applications Closed --
Psi Chi applications for spring 2011 inductions are closed.

Tailgate Praise --
Dr. Wong, Sheryl Powell, and Rhiannon all issued major thanks to Psi Chi/Twitmyer students who participated in the Homecoming Parade and Tailgate. They did an excellent job representing us.

Atlanta Autism Walk (May 22) --
The Autism Speaks Walk will occur on May 22 in Atlanta. Even if you cannot attend the walk, you can still donate and help raise money. For more information, visit or email Amber:

Movie Night --
We are planning a movie night for sometime after Spring Break. If you are interested in helping, please contact us.

Eye on Psi Chi --
If you have not received the latest issue, they are currently located in Dr. Wolfe's office.

SEPA Conference --
Don't forget about the Southeastern Psychological Association meeting in Jacksonville from March 3-5. For more information, visit

Psi Chi Dues --
Psi Chi dues need to be turned in before Spring Break. Dues are $10. Turn the dues (preferably a check made out to Psi Chi of AASU) in to Dr. Wolfe or Dr. Frieder.

Study Lounge --
Some progress has been made in making the study lounge fit for occupation. A small dry erase board and other things for the wall have been obtained. What do you want in the Psi Chi study lounge? Email Britt to let him know:

Bulletin Boards and Announcements --
We are hoping to have a bulletin board for Psi Chi announcements. One of the existing bulletin boards might be available eventually.

Fundraising --
Several fundraising ideas were passed around at the meeting, and the most popular seems to be a bake sale. For more information or to help, please email Katelyn Brooker:  

Do not hesitate to contact or one of the officers if you have questions. See you at the next meeting!