We had quite a few new members at the first meeting of the year, and we covered a lot of information:

*** If interested in any of the topics we discussed, please email us at aasu.psichitwitmyer@gmail.com ***

Gay-Straight Alliance Movie Night (Feb. 21) --
The Gay-Straight Alliance, along with other campus organizations, is hosting a movie night on February 21st at 6PM in the Ogeechee Theater of the Student Union. The movie is Tongues Untied, and it would be excellent if members of Psi Chi/Twitmyer could attend to lend some support.

Magazines and Information --
Eye on Psi Chi and a publication pertaining to Autism were distributed at the meeting. If you did not receive these materials, contact us if you would like to receive a copy or one or both publications.

Twitmyer Representation --
To promote Twitmyer around campus, it has been proposed that Twitmyer should have its own representatives. Lakesha Moore has already stepped up, but if you are interested in representing Twitmyer, please contact Tyson Lemka (

Twitmyer Symbol --
Another idea for promoting Twitmyer around campus has been the development of a symbol for the organization. If you feel artistically inclined, feel free to submit ideas to the officers (aasu.psichitwitmyer@gmail.com).

AASU Day (Feb. 19) --
AASU Day is part of Armstrong's Homecoming festivities. Psi Chi/Twitmyer personally needs help managing a Coke booth, tailgating, and designing and running the float. If you would like to participate, please contact Rhiannon Pegan (rp9874@stu.armstrong.edu) as soon as possible.

Talent Show (Feb. 15) --
We all know that the Psi Chi/Twitmyer group is extremely talented, but the Talent Show will give you the opportunity to show the whole campus. This is another part of the Homecoming festivities. To participate, download the application on the school's website. http://www.armstrong.edu/About/events3/events_sac_talent_show-_so_you_still_think_you_got_talent

Psi Chi Applications (due Feb. 18) --
Psi Chi applications are due soon. These will be available early the week of January 31. Applications may be obtained from Dr. Wolfe, Dr. Frieder, or the front office of the Psychology Department. Details pertaining to dues will be on the application.

Pirate Preview (Feb 5) --
The next Pirate Preview will be held on February 5. We had a great time participating in the last Pirate Preview, which serves as an open house for potential freshmen. If you would like to participate, contact Alicia Evans (ae5499@stu.armstrong.edu).

Georgia Psychological Society Conference (April 30) --
This year's conference will be at Georgia Southern University. For more information, visit the GPS website.
Tabs and Rock 'n' Roll Marathon --
Dr. Scott has asked for some help with two charitable pursuits. First, you can help collect soda can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. Tabs can be turned in at the front office for the Psychology Department. Second, Dr. Scott will be participating in the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon for cancer. More information about this event will be available. For more information, visit the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon information website or contact us. http://runrocknroll.competitor.com/savannah

Student Scholars Symposium (April 15) --
Armstrong's very own Annual Student Scholars Symposium will happen April 15. If you are currently a student involved in research, you should review the information about the symposium and consider submitting an abstract. Information is available on Armstrong's website. Even if you do not participate, at least two students from Psi Chi/Twitmyer are intending to submit presentations, and your peers would appreciate the support.

Sensory Day (Feb 19) --
Tybee Island will host Sensory Day on February 19 to raise awareness about Autism. More information about this event should be available soon, so feel free to contact us with any questions.

Additionally, some members have expressed interest in organizing further Autism Awareness events and promotions. If you have ideas or would like to help, please contact Mia Trent (at8968@stu.armstrong.edu). 

MS Walk --
The annual Multiple Sclerosis Walk takes place in March. Psi Chi/Twitmyer has raised a significant amount of funding in previous years. If you are interested in participating, please contact Alicia Evans (ae5499@stu.armstrong.edu).

Token Economy --
As a benefit to membership, a token economy is being implemented. The prizes have not yet been determined. Members will receive tickets for attending meetings and participating in crucial events. In order to fund this new plan, a $5 maximum increase in dues has been proposed unless someone develops a truly excellent fundraiser. A vote needs to occur for dues to change.

Study Lounge --
Psi Chi members finally have a study lounge, but it needs to be cleaned (as it is overrun with dust bunnies) and suitably furnished/decorated. Brit
t (ww5246@stu.armstrong.edu) has been placed in charge of this, so contact him if you would like to participate or propose ideas.

Psi Chi Promotion --
For the new year, Tyson would like Psi Chi to be promoted year round. Ideas that have already been proposed include flags, banners, and modifications to the display case. Britt
(ww5246@stu.armstrong.edu) is also in charge of this endeavor. Also, banners for student organizations will be displayed around the arena during the homecoming game. Please contact us if you are interested in helping to create and submit a banner.

One member inquired about new shirts. New shirts have not been created, but the general idea is to obtain Psi Chi gear from Zazzle.

We covered a lot of information, so I hope this helped. Do not hesitate to contact aasu.psichitwitmyer@gmail.com or one of the officers if you have questions. See you at the next meeting!