The Spring 2011 Psi Chi inductions occurred after the meeting, but congratulations go out to our 11 new inductees:
Raven Barnes
Allison Cheadle
Dujon Curtis
Daviana Garcia
Gabrielle Hague
Melanie Malphus
Kayla Martin
Jesse Moore
Ra'Chelle Roberson
Stephanie Sayler
Olivia Singleton


*** If interested in any of the topics we discussed, please email us at ***

Ongoing Soda Tab Collection and Rock N Roll Marathon --
As noted at the last meeting, Dr. Scott is still collecting tabs for Ronald McDonald House and trying to raise $1,000 for the Rock N Roll Marathon. If you have some good fundraising ideas, please contact us. Soda tabs can be deposited in the front office of the psychology department.

GSA Movie Night --
GSA and other organizations on campus will continue to host movie nights. Psi Chi/Twitmyer has proposed selling $6 meal tickets that can be sold prior to the movie. For more information, contact one of the officers.

Student Scholars Symposium (April 15) --
The deadline for submitting abstracts to the Student Scholars Symposium was March 25, but members who did not submit an abstract can still come out and support some of the Psi Chi/Twitmyer members who will be presenting.

Georgia Psychological Society Student Research Poster Presentation (April 29) --
This event in Atlanta needs volunteers. Volunteers will be permitted to see presentations occurring during the conference. Students interested in volunteering should visit the website or contact us.

Georgia Psychological Society at GSU (April 30) --
The deadline for this year's conference has passed.

Symbol for Twitmyer --
Gabrielle Hague developed an excellent symbol for Twitmyer, so congratulations to her! Additionally, it has been proposed that we sell t-shirts featuring the new symbol. If you are interested in helping with this fundraiser, please contact Olivia Singleton:

Rat Adoption --
The learning & behavior rats will soon be up for adoption. It is important to remember that the rats are approaching the end of their life, but adopting one (or two?) of the rats can be rewarding. If you are considering adopting a rat, please speak to Dr. Elcoro about the adoption process.

Bulletin Board --
We now have a fantastic bulletin board located across the hall from the ladies' bathroom. Please see this board for relevant postings such as minutes and current events.

End of the Year Dinner --
The end of the year dinner honors graduating seniors. We have narrowed locations down to Tyson's Grandmother's Clubhouse, Molly McPherson's, Blowing Smoke, Bowling, and Applebee's. This dinner will occur towards the end of April (April 29 is likely). Please use the following survey to select your favorite choice:

Psi Chi Lounge is Open --
The lounge in room 248 is now open to Psi Chi members. If there is something you would like to have in the room, please contact Britt:

Psi Chi Digest --
Issues of the latest Psi Chi digest were distributed during the meeting. We are currently out of copies. If this changes, you will be notified.

Bake Sale Fundraising --
Katelyn proposed having a bake sale every Monday as a fundraiser. Volunteers are needed, so please contact Katelyn if you are interested in helping.

Do not hesitate to contact or one of the officers if you have questions about anything on the minutes. See you at the next meeting!