We had another great turn out for October’s meeting. Here is a summary of what we discussed:

*** If interested in any of the topics we discussed, please email us at aasu.psichitwitmyer@gmail.com ***

Pirate Preview Open House (Nov. 13th) --
Several Psi Chi and Twitmyer members expressed interest in having a booth/table at the upcoming Pirate Preview Open House on Saturday, November 13th. The event runs from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is meant to let prospective freshman students know what Armstrong has to offer. For more information about Pirate Preview day go here: http://www.armstrong.edu/Admissions/visit_armstrong/admissions_open_house

I believe that Tyson has taken the helm on this event, so anyone interested in helping out should contact him.: Tyson Lemka (tl7191@stu.armstrong.edu)

Coffee Fundraiser --
Juanita suggested that instead of a traditional bake sale, our club could stand out by selling coffee (and possibly hot chocolate) to students. She pointed out that the campus Starbucks is across campus, so students in a rush to get to class would likely jump at the chance to buy coffee if we sold it here at the Science Center. Tyson mentioned that he has a connection that would allow us to get paper cups at a low cost, and it was mentioned that we may be able to borrow a thermos or two from AASU dining.

Along the same lines, Pamela suggested that hot chili would likely be a good seller during the upcoming colder months. Both great ideas, ladies!

If interested in heading up the organization of one or both of these events, contact the general Psi Chi/Twitmyer email (aasu.psichitwitmyer@gmail.com)

Psi Chi / Twitmyer Zazzle Store --
Tyson suggested that Psi Chi / Twitmyer create an account on Zazzle.com or a similar site. This would allow our clubs to offer a wide variety of products (mugs, shirts, bumperstickers, etc.) in several different designs (i.e., some strictly Psi Chi-themed, strictly Twitmyer-themed, dated with the year, etc.). An online store would also allow us to sell items on-demand without the initial investment in/gamble of purchasing a set quantity of items that we then are stuck with if they don’t sell and would allow buyers to customize their purchases in terms of type of shirt-style (hoodie, girl-fit, etc.) and color. Not to mention that products could be purchased with credit and debit cards 24/7. I believe that yolasite, our website host, offers a widget that would allow products from our online store to be displayed on our website.

If interested in helping with the organization of an online store, contact the general Psi Chi/Twitmyer email (aasu.psichitwitmyer@gmail.com)

Increasing Awareness of Psi Chi / Twitmyer --
It seems that October’s minutes are becoming rather Tyson-centric , but it was he that pointed out that many AASU student’s are likely unaware of the Psi Chi / Twitmyer clubs. He suggests that we increase our presence on campus by creating a banner to be displayed in the Psych office year-round.

If you have any other ideas about how to increase student awareness of our clubs, contact the general Psi Chi/Twitmyer email (aasu.psichitwitmyer@gmail.com)

Holiday Toy Drive --
Club member Lakiesha brought up the idea of our clubs putting together a toy drive for the upcoming holiday season. Nip suggested that we could partner up with the Armstrong GSA who are also having a toy drive (and I believe a canned food and necessities drive). Perhaps we could post flyers, announce in classes (is this allowed??) and put a collection box in the Psychology department?

If you have would like to help organize this event, contact Lakiesha (mooreofkesha@yahoo.com) or Nip (ym4643@stu.armstrong.edu / 912.272.7192)

Twitmyer President Position? --
Nicole and Pamela suggested that some psychology students may not qualify for Psi Chi membership, or may just not be interested in that club, and therefore may benefit from a representative strictly for the Twitmyer club. This seems like a great idea… what do you guys think? Perhaps they could partner with Alicia to help manage Armstrong’s E.B. Twitmyer page?

Ideas, thoughts, questions? Contact Nicole Meimin (morenagypsy@yahoo.com)

Nominations for Psi Chi Officer Positions --
We took nominations for new Psi Chi officers at the meeting, but are still accepting nominations by email. Psi Chi members can nominate themselves or another Psi Chi member. We need to fill the following positions, and they are a one year commitment (Spring 2011-Fall 2011):

    President – Nominees: Tyson Lemka & Alicia Evans

    VP – Nominee: Britt Worrell

    Secretary – Nominee: Rhiannon Pegan

    Treasurer – Nominee: Kate Durrance

Please send all additional nominations to Juli Windsor (juli.windsor@gmail.com). Hurry – we will be voting soon!

That sums up October’s meeting! See you next month!