Thanks to everyone who came to the September meeting! We are excited to have so many new members!
For those who weren't able to make it here is a summary of what was discussed:

*** If interested in any of the topics we discussed, please email us at ***

Recap of Savannah Day of Service -- Several Psi Chi and Twitmyer members participated in the Savannah Day of Service on September 18th. Activities that our members volunteered for included working at the Union Mission health fair, creating a community learning garden, painting the AASU bike racks and hand rails, and cleaning up litter/trash in public spaces. We are proud to have such conscientious students as members of our clubs!

Reports by Committees: -- All committees reported on their progress and plans for the semester. Here's what they had to say:
  • T-shirt Sales --
    The t-shirt committee reported that we still have 20-25 shirts remaining to be sold. (These are last year's blue "Subliminal Message" shirts.) Sizes still available are Small, Youth Large, and Extra Large. To sell these remaining t-shirts, the committee plans to hold a small fundraiser by selling them in the Science Center. The date of this fundraiser will be held as soon as they recieve approval from Student Activities.

    Once all the old shirts are sold, the committee plans to hold a contest within Psi Chi and Twitmyer to design the next club t-shirt. On AASU Day, the committee plans to either sell the remaining t-shirts or take orders for the new t-shirts. They will post flyers advertising AASU sales beginning October 13th.

    Contact the committee manager, the amazingly organized Jesmine Holmes, at

  • Celebrate AASU Day (Oct. 20) --
    The committee plans on raffling off an AASU blanket donated by Psychology Department secretary, Miss Powel. Amanda Herring has raffle tickets that she will let us use, so that's taken care of. Other raffle items were also discussed, but are still in the works. If any members have items that they would like to donate to be raffled off, or know of a local business that may be willing to donate something to us we can raffle off, please let us know!

    Contact the committee manager, Amanda Herring, at

  • Movie of the Month --
    The committee plans to not only have faculty hosted Movie Nights, but also allow students to host when faculty schedules do not allow them to host. Some ideas for possible movies mentioned were: Proof, The Virgin Suicides, Hard Candy, Pi, and A Beautiful Mind. Any ideas for possible movies (or other ideas) from club members are welcome!

    Committee manager: TBA -- for now, email

  • Panel Discussions --
    This committee hopes to begin hosting panel discussion mid-November Potential panel topics include: Psychology grad programs available at GSU, Careers and grad programs for those interested in Applied Behavioral Analysis, and all psychology grad program options.

    Possible panel members could be: people working in psychology-related fields in the community, uncommon/unknown careers in psychology, graduate admission committee members for nearby schools, and faculty members. Also mentioned was the idea of extending panel discussion invitations to other psychology-related majors like Nursing and Special Education.

    Committee manager us TBA -- for now, email

  • Conference Calendar --
    Committee members are currently compiling lists of conferences that students are able to attend or present at, and plan to post a list on the Psi Chi/Twitmyer website as well as printing out a guide that will be available in the Psychology Department. They hope to have at least a partial list by the end of October.

    Contact the committee manager, Caroline Eastman, at

Other items discussed were:

Advertising Club Events -- Alicia mentioned that many AASU students are likely unaware of our club meetings and events because we tend to only post flyers in the Science Center (and concentrated around the Psych Dept.) She and other club members suggested that we make an effort to post flyers all over the campus, including in the gym, library, and dorms. Posting flyers on the digital billboards in the new Student Union can also be arranged by contacting Chris Nowiki (sp?).

Great ideas guys! Perhaps a way to accomplish this would be by emailing flyers to all members to print out and post and/or leaving a pile of flyers in the Psych Dept. for members to pick up and post around campus?

Reminder about the new Psi Chi & Twitmyer Website and email address -- Our new email address is: If you are unsure about who to email about committees or other issues, just send your email to that address and I'll forward it to the appropriate member.

I also wanted to remind members that we now have our own website (!). Check it out @ (Of course, you may already be here reading the minutes... so in that case, welcome! :) )

We welcome any and all help in fleshing out our website and generally making it an accurate representation of our clubs. Please contact me if you'd like to work on the site, have ideas for content, or have pictures I can post!

Contact the very informal website manager, Caroline Eastman, at

That sums up the September meeting. It seems like we are on our way to a semester filled with some great events!
See you around campus!