About the AASU Chapters of Psi Chi & Twitmyer Clubs:

 Current Psi Chi Officers:

Austin Esch -- President
   Email: ae8579@stu.armstrong.edu

Jesse Moore
Vice President
   Email: jm7589@stu.armstrong.edu

Raven Barnes -- Treasurer
   Email: rb8360@stu.armstrong.edu

 Kayla Martin-- Secretary
   Email:  km8367@stu.armstrong.edu

 Faculty Advisors for the AASU chapters of Psi Chi and Twitmyer:

Dr. Nancy McCarley 
   Phone: 912.344.3033 
   Email: Nancy.McCarley@armstrong.edu

Dr. Wolfe
   Phone: 912.344.3218
   Email: Wendy.Wolfe@armstrong.edu


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